Monday, March 16, 2009

MY ROSES - 'Ga to Go"

GARDEN PARTY: Hybrid Tea. Bred by Herbert C. Swim. 1959 in United States. A beautiful classic bloom of off-white to creamy pale yellow with edges blushed with pink. It looks like a paler version of Peace to me. I think I prefer this colouring. Though the fragrance is considered mild I think it is very pleasant - reminds me of apple blossom and so does the colour of the rose. Usually born singularly on long stems - beautiful in arrangements and compliments other colours in roses. I really like this rose. I have two bushes of it.
GEMINI: Hybrid Tea. Bred by Dr. Keith W. Zary. 1991 in the United states. A very popular exhibition rose, cream to pink blend, fragrance is mild, but a keeper for sure! Classic Hybrid Tea form - has won many awards.........and rightly so! - I need say no more!
GOLDEN CELEBRATION: English Rose. Bred by David Austin.1992 in United Kingdom. Many petalled, beautiful classic old rose form, strong fragrance. To my eyes, this is the best yellow with hints of peach to give it that really warm look. Very floriferous. Blooms nod a bit, but there are so many, that it just gives a romantic aura to the bush. The rose that I have the most pictures of - I cannot stop photographing iy. It is truly gorgeous. Also it is one of the first to bloom in our garden.


Carolyn said...

Those roses are both beautiful.I had the golden celebration rose and loved it but it didn't winter over for me but I might try it again in a more sheltered spot.
Beautiful photos!

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Dear Carolyn, thank you for your nice comment. Well we have had our coldest winter in a long time, and I do believe I have lost a few roses. Haven't done their main prune yet. Usually have done it way before now, but I had a wander around today and saw lots of black canes. But you know, also, it is the only winter that we did not mulch our roses. We usually do that with compost. So Murphy's law, it had to be the worst one! If it is any consolation, Golden Celenbration has absolute no black canes. I have three of them! So maybe a good winter mulch may work for you! Good Luck!Pauline

Anonymous said...

Pauline, it is Jill, can't make my id work. Just want to say that Golden Celebration is my all time fave rose and your pictures are lovely! That fragrance is heavenly and the rose is so old fashionedly beautiful. One can imagine Jane Austen holding one to her nose!

Carolyn said...

Hi Pauline,
I think that I did miss covering Golden Celebration that year so you are right some compost probably would make all the difference.
What zone are you in? We are a zone 5b here.Some winters we have lots of snow protection and other years very little.This year we have lots of snow.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, I grew GC when I lived in Nova Scotia, zone 6, it did very well there. Jill

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Hi Carololyn I did answer you once before about my zone. I think now you may not have read my reply in my Camapula thread. Here it is:
"Thank you Carolyn,
I am in zone 8. But I think we are more like 7 in the winter because of our own micro-climate. Tall dense trees which do not allow any sunlight in all winter, and it is quite damp because of springs, a creek and a pond. In the summer it goes the other way. Lots of sun and feels very tropical. Thank you so much for adding my blog to yours.
Your place is amazing. A lot of hard work goes into that. Well done Caroloyn!
Cheers! Pauline

Jill thanks, nice to see you here. That sounds like some good information you had for Carolyn there. Thanks also from me. Did you see her blog/garden! WOW!
Luv P.

Carolyn said...

Sorry,Pauline I did miss your reply before. Do live near Victoria,I hear it is beautiful there too.
Thank you for all your kind comments and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful roses etc.

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Your roses are all the pics of your garden! Had to laugh at the naked photographer glad you captured those precious shots to share! Susan

Rosy said...

Hi, Pauline,

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. The heart shaped "pies" are empanadas, the filling is ground beef spiced with cumin, onions and sliced balck olives. They usually come in a different shape, but the romantic at heart, i.e. me, had to make them heart shape, yummier to look at and therefore yummier for the tummy. Anyway, you can google empanadas, and you will get los of recipes. I used shortcrust pastry recipe. You can also use frozen ready-to-roll shortcrust pastry. The filling is totally up to you, whatever you like, even apples, like apple pies.

flowrgirl1 said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks for following my blog!

Wendy & Dom said...

Pauline, these are very beautiful roses! Roses are my birth flower and I'm a Gemini so really like that rose! I wish Dom's aunt could come and visit your garden. She loves roses and has some very beautiful ones in her garden and all with heavenly smells. She has the most amazing variety of hibiscus as well.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pauline, thanks for your comments here and over at Ashdown's blog. I am enjoying these luscious images of your Golden Celebration. I replaced a Comptes de Champagne with GC just this spring and am so anticipating that big display of flowers.

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Thank you again Susan and Rosy too.
I very much appreciate the recipe Rosy and I will make those little empanadas for the next "Wine and Appies" night at our Probus club. They sound scrumptious, thank you so much.

Also Flower, Wendy and Nikki. Wendy, you would love Gemini. It is a beautiful rose with great colouring.

Nikki, you are welcome. I'm sure you will love G.C.

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