Thursday, February 26, 2009

MY ROSES - "Ha to He"

HARRY EDLAND: Floribunda. Bred by Harkness.1975 in the United Kingdom. One of the nicest blue/mauves in this colour range. Quite clear and more blue than most of the ones I have seen. The fragrance is one of the strongest and it’s moderately full medium size blooms are formed in small clusters on short stems. The downside is that it inherits the poor overall health that roses of this colouring seem to have. That is my experience with this particular rose and I have nurtured it for years, though it has improved slightly over the last couple. The performance is barely acceptable, but I will stick with it for a while longer. It is beautiful in floral arrangements. Looks more blue in cooler evening shade.
HEIRLOOM: Hybrid Tea. Bred by Warriner. 1972 in the United States. Mauve in the hotter summer months and at the cooler ends of the cycle it takes on a more blue hue, especially in the evening shade. This is a beautiful rose with attractive large full blooms born singularly or in clusters on long stems. As with most mauve/lavender roses, the fragrance is strong and wonderful. I particularly love this colour in rose arrangements. I find my blooms are fuller than described on HMF.
HERITAGE: English Rose. Bred by David Ausin. 1984 in the United Kingdom. Demure light pink. Beautifully cupped with lovely blooms born on long stems, usually in clusters. Strongly fragrant and an extremely healthy large bush which is very floriforous and constantly in bloom. Also beautiful when used as a climber on a fence. When free standing, it gets very tall, but the canes are strong and upright, so it does make an attractive shrub in the garden.
I love the combination in this picture, taken of our friends' beautiful daughter on her wedding
day. I made her bouquet with cream florist roses which were complimented by the soft pink of "Heritage" blooms. The back drop of our our Paul's Himalayn Musk helped to set the scene.

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