Thursday, November 27, 2008

MY ROSES - "Sh to St"

SHARIFA ASMA: David Austin’s English Rose. Bred 1989 – Candle light pink with outer petals that pale as they open, giving that glowing image. It has an intense fragrance, to die for. The beautiful old rose type blooms are formed in abundant clusters. The bush is of medium size. This is my FAVOURITE rose of all times, tied with Chrysler Imperial – both have intoxicating fragrances.
SIR GALAHAD: Shrub - bred 2002 by Harkness in England – It has moderate fragrance and is of moderate height (when mature). It bears clusters of small creamy white, very double flowers born in large clusters. Mine is still too young to form an honest opinion. It was a weak plant when I received it, so I am hoping for better performance next season. I found it to be very pretty though, so, should it take off, it will be a beautiful shrub for sure.
SPECIAL OCCASION: Hybrid Tea. Bred 1995 by Fryer in England. It has really beautiful, moderate to strong fragrant, large blooms. The colour is a pleasant shade of peach/apricot. It blooms well and is a good repeater. Well worth having – short to medium height for me.
ST PATRICK: Hybrid Tea bred 1996 by Strickland in US. Luscious large full yellow blooms. On an extremely healthy vigorous bush. This is a special favourite of mine, not just because of it’s beauty, but I bought in memory of our beautiful last Springer Spaniel, Patrick. It is close to where he always sat on the porch, watching out for rabbits, and it is a lovely tribute to him. I do not think I could have picked better. I love this rose. It is reported to have a mild fragrance, but I think it is stronger than that, for sure. I find it very pleasant.

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