Saturday, November 29, 2008

MY ROSES - "Ro to Se"

ROSEMARY HARKNESS: Hybrid Tea. Harkness.1985 – Bred in the United Kingdom. Large blooms of medium orange/pink blend. The bush is of moderate height with flowers formed in clusters on long stems. This rose was new to my garden this year, though it is the second time I have grown it. The first time it succumbed to fatality by deer, before we installed our deer fence. Now without the deer it is proving to be a strong and healthy plant. I am happy to be growing it again.
SAVOY HOTEL: Hybrid Tea. Harkness. 1987 – Bred in the United Kingdom. Beautiful large, very full, blooms in a lovely shade of light pink, born singularly on the end of long stems. The growth is vigorous and it is an extremely healthy bush with excellent foliage. If it was not for the lack of fragrance, I think this rose would deserve a perfect 10 rating. It is reported as having a light fragrance, though I personally do not detect any. Alas that is it’s only flaw, but the lack of it does not stop this rose bush from having a place in my garden. In fact, I like it so much, I have two plants. One bouquet of these blooms, is a sight for sore eyes – breathtaking.
SCENTIMENTAL: Floribunda. Carruthers: 1997 - Bred in the United States. This red to burgundy and white, striped rose, blooms moderately and the bush size is also of moderate height. Moderate fragrance to my nose. I quite like stripes, but only have two, the other one being Ferdinand Pichard. I would like to get into some of the other colours. I find the blooms on this particular rose shatter quickly which is a bit disappointing, but they are quite pretty when they are fresh. SECRET: Hybrid Tea. Daniel Tracy. 1992 - Bred in United States. Blend of soft pink and cream. Delicious looking rose. High centred blooms, born singularly on long stems. Lovely strong fragrance and it is said to be shade tolerant. I was happy when I heard that and ordered this for a spot in the garden that has more shade than other areas. New to me this year, but was quite vigorous and delightful. It looks like it is going to be a tall plant. Looking forward to it’s maturity.

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