Monday, December 1, 2008

MY ROSES - "Pr to Re"

PRINCESSE DE MONACO: Hybrid Tea, bred by Meilland(1981) in France. Cream and pink blend – It is reported as having a mild fruity fragrance. To my nose, it is more moderate – very pleasant. This is a beautiful rose, the buds are amazing. I think the opening buds are it’s main feature, but one keeps hoping to see the fully open bloom. It never seems to get that far, never completely opens right up. But all the stages that it develops are beautiful. Wonderful in a vase too. This rose, in my opinion, has the BEST foliage. Very dark beautiful
shiny leaves. It is of moderate height.
QUEEN ELIZABETH: Grandiflora. Bred by Dr. Walter Lammerts(l954) in the United States. Medium Pink. It is said to have a moderate fragrance. I personally, only detect the slightest hint of fragrance. This rose makes a wonderful statement in any garden. It is vigorous, healthy, floriferous, upright and very tall. It bears clusters of pure pink, hybrid tea shaped blooms on extremely long stems. The blooms are wonderful formed into a classic bouquet in a vase.
RADOX BOUQUET: Floribunda. Bred by Harkness(1980) in United Kingdom. Medium pink. Strong fragrance. Still new to me, so the verdict is not out yet. I cannot comment fairly, as I moved it this year after only it’s first year. And I think she has sulked ever since! So I will treat her especially well next year, and hope she will revert back to her first year’s strength. Going by last year’s performance, this bush was very tall almost like a grandiflora with large clusters of large blooms on long stems.
RENAISSANCE: Hybrid tea, bred by Harkness (1994) in United Kingdom. Blush pink shading to white. Strong sweet fragrance. Strong healthy bush of medium height and prolific bloom. Lovely cutting rose.

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