Monday, December 22, 2008


.....Though some believe it is DELIGHTFUL
Let it stop, let it stop, let it STOP!
The bridge looking towards the house
Looking down, over the bridge
towards the house
.....and then up near. If I had played my cards right
and taken the pond and the house together,
well maybe, almost maybe,
we could have had a Courier and Ives -
as my friend Jim, says that we have. :)
................but he is prejudice, VERY PREJUDICE!
I love this jumble below - almost lead-glass like looking,
but branches and trees make that affect.
and a front mis-match- tilted old chair at the snow laden table!
(I think they have to go) :)
but served us well for years! MANY YEARS!
Oh, and still one more, just another snowy back view!
I admit the snow looks very beautiful, but I do not like the side affects, the roads and all other problems it can create and I am really thinking of people stranded in airports right now waiting to go home or to friends for Christmas. I really hope it works out for them......and for personal reasons, our grandson will be travelling from Edmonton on Boxing Day, as an unaccompanied minor, so I hope by then these problems are cleared up and for all travellers. I have to admit that the wannabe photographer in me has really enjoyed going out and taking pictures around the property. The problem is out of about five folders that my five excursions braving the elements have made, I have had to reduce my pictures so I could post an acceptable amount. But alas, I have still gone overboard, I could not limit them to under ten. Four to six would have been better. I thought of sending them to friends and asking them to pick for me. But, to heck with it. Ten it is! Hope you enjoy!


Lexi's Omi said...

Glad to see we're not alone with all the angel poop!

Enjoy your VERY White Christmas!

(Hope all your flora & fauna survive the weather.)

Niels Plougmann said...

How very beautiful - a real white Christmas like we all dream of here in grey, grey southern Scandinavia. But you are probably right - a dream that come with some problems too. At least the roses are not damaged as long as there is an insulating snow cower.

I just came in from my garden - It is 7C/ 44F outside and I just planted 5 Rouge Royale Hybrid Teas I have had in one huge Terracotta pot this summer in order to grow roots - since the plants I got from Meilland in france are always so scrawny and do not make it if not potted the first season.

I do my Light therapy and try to get outside to do something every day and it helps my depression somewhat.

I am going to spend Christmas Eve with friends in 2 hours from now and have to get going.

Merry Christmas to you Pauline and to your family. I look forward seeing you in the new year.

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Thanks Carol and Niels,

Just when I thought it was all over, here we are February 10th and fresh powder coming down.

Nice comment Niels,thanks.
........and YES! Looking forward to seeing you in Wonderful, Wonderful Copenhagen in July. Love, P.