Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MY ROSES - "St to Ta"

ST. SWITHUN: David Austin English Rose – bred 1993 – softest pink, beautiful, shallow cup- shaped, romantic blooms, formed in clusters on short stems. It has a moderate almond scent to my nose and is one of my favourite Austin’s. This shrub is vigorous and extremely healthy.
TAMORA: David Austin English Rose – bred in 1983. Loosely cup-shaped blooms of many disguises, especially in colour, from champagne to yellow, apricot, peach and pink. It has a strong fragrance of myrrh and is a small shrub with light to moderate abundance. TESS OF THE D’URBERVILLES: David Austin English Rose – bred in 1998. Rich red colour. Full cup running over with fluffly blooms. Good old rose fragrance. Large vigorous shrub very floriferous. TIFFANY: Hybrid Tea. Bred in the USA by Robert Lindquist 1954. Large flowered pink – High centred HT form blooms, born singularly on long stems. Strong fragrance. Average height. A very popular rose bush, but has never done that well in my garden. I think I may have acquired a poor plant to begin with.

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