Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our Back Garden!

Gee, this has been one of my most difficult posts up to now, never would I have thought it, but I wanted to post some garden shots. I know that is what I really like to look at on other blogs, but only to find, I had taken so many pictures that I could not choose. So here are some at random......and it does not really matter, because there are thousands more, teehee!These, in particular are all of our back garden. Don't forget to click on the pics! :)
Thanks for looking!


Carolyn said...

Hi Pauline,
Wow!! Your garden is beautiful. You sure can grow roses!
What is the red and white climber or rambler growing over the arbor?
Guess we have at least two of the same hobbies gardening and photography.
Thank you for sharing your beautiful garden!

flowrgirl1 said...

Wowsa! You have a dream garden. Beautiful! thank you for posting those incredible photos.

Sandra said...

Oh what a beautiful garden you have!! I love it all! I'd love to have my garden look like yours! Thanks for posting those wonderful pics. :)

RainGardener said...

Hi Pauline, your gardens are absolutely beautiful. You have done the look that I like and just don't know how to do it. O'well maybe I'll figure it out someday.

RainGardener said...

Hi again Pauline, I just saw your post on Buchert Gardens. Your pictures are better than their website. In fact I was going to do a post with my old pictures from when we went. My graduation class went there on our Senior Sneak and then a few years ago my husband and I went. It was wonderful and I believe it was Canada Day. Some holiday and the Victoria Orchestra was playing down on the waterfront. We said we were going to go back every year on that weekend because it was so enjoyable but . . . we've never made it. I hope to someday.

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Hi Pauline,
Your garden is lovely! So very pretty. How nice to be able to enjoy it this time of year! Enjoy your weekend.


Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Thanks so much Carolyn. There are three roses on the arbour, "American Pillar" (rambler), "Constance Spry" (Austin climber) and "Belle Amour" (old garden rose) All one time bloomers, but usually pretty spectacular. The rest of the roses in that Trellis garden bloom all summer so, the eye is turned to them.
Thank you also Flower and Sandra for your kind remarks.
Raingardener. I took a peak at your own web site - it is fantastic what a great job you have done on it. It is very attractive.
Sandi, thank you. A lot of those pictures are old but some are from last season.

The girl from 132 Queen Street said...

Oh Pauls, sooooo nice. The purples and pinks are my favs and I try go for them too but in the mtns could never compete with how awesome yours grow. its looks like a lovely English garden from a magazine, my goodness your back must ache just looking at the pictures.

Wow...proud of you:)

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Aaah! Thank you Glen, you are a sweetie. We would love you to visit, you know that, but I know your heart is set in the south for winter, and you are too busy in the summer, but retirement, is just around the corner!! :) Hope to see you then,
Luv, P.

cherry said...

Miss Pauline thank you for making my Sunday morning stroll through blogland so special.. Your home, gardens and blog are beautiful.

I'm coming up to set under the arbor!
hugs, Cherry

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

You've done so much, worked so hard, and it all shows! It's gorgeous, just absolutely breathtaking. Can I come over for tea? he he. Thank you for sharing with all of us...I'd love to have the same look in my backyard;-)

Wanda said...

My Oh My!!!!! Could anything be more beautiful. I am GREEN with envy. That is magazine perfect.

Catherine said...

Hello Pauline!
Oh my~your gardens & roses are amazing!! Absoulutely beautiful captures..that first rose I've not heard of~fabulous with all of the little cup shaped white roses~I'm always looking for white roses, & it is HUGE, a sight to behold indeed, in picture, can't imagine how grand in person! Would love to find one, must go back to post & copy down name..I don't think I've ever seen it listed in any nursery or seed catalogs!
Do have a beautiful weekend!

Catherine said...

Me again Pauline~I got so carried away admiring your gorgeous garden & pics that I actually went through two post:) Your back garden is fabulous!! The rose I was talking about in earlier comment was actually on the post after~My roses fi-fr...& I'm glad I went back you have a link for the rose~Filipes Kiftsgate! Thanks!

Lexi's Omi said...

A true labour of love, Pauls, and it certainly shows! Breathtakingly beautiflorifious! :)

Anonymous said...

hai name yolanda ..i live in a country name indonesia..i just want to is heaven in world..

Canarybird said...

Hi certainly have a wonderful rose garden! I would love to take a close look at all your rosebushes.
I brought roses from Vancouver Island (where I was born) over here to Canary Islands and for years was an ardent rose grower but this climate isn't the best as there is no cold winter so many bushes exhaust themselves or never adapt to this warmer climate. I still have a few though. I go to Butchart's though whenever I get back to Victoria on holiday, as well as the nurseries there and do miss the more temperate climate flowers. Thank you for showing us your lovely garden! Sharon