Friday, December 19, 2008

MY ROSES - “Ma to Pa”

MADAME ISAAC PEREIRE: Bourbon. Bred by Garcon - 1881 in France. Delicious Deep Pink blooms with very strong fragrance and many petals of 55 and more. Very floriferous with heavy nodding heads. Usually born singularly on short stems. It can be used as a large shrub or small climber.
I personally think that roses like this with heads that have a habit of facing downwards are far more appreciated when trained to climb………especially this rose and some of the Austin’s, when one can look into the blooms and appreciate them more. Unfortunately, up to now, I only have one photograph of this beautiful rose.
OCTAVIA HILL: Floribunda. Bred by Harkness - 1995 in United Kingdom. Lovely pure pink smallish blooms forming large clusters on short stems. It has a moderate fragrance. The bush is short - about 2.6 to 3.6 feet in my garden. The blooms very prettily shaped with many petals.
PARADE: Climber. Bred by Gene Boerner - 1953 in United States. This rose has deep pink. HT sized blooms in large clusters. Extremely floriferous and can put on quite a show, as you will see by pictures on HMF (HELP ME FIND) grown by a rose colleague who frequents the Garden Web Roses Forum I personally do not detect any fragrance with this rose. But it sure makes up for it in the abundance of blooms.
PARADISE: Hybrid Tea. Bred by Weeks - 1978 in the United States. This unique HT is a lovely shade of lavender with petals tipped at their edges with a light red blush. Depending on the amount of sun and the season, the colours and intensity will vary greatly. This is a beautifully shaped rose and is quite gorgeous in arrangements. Unfortunately, I do not detect much in the way of fragrance, but it is a keeper because of its unusual colour and beauty.
In full sun


Wendy & Dom said...

Pauline you're roses, and pictures of the roses, are truly beautiful! I can smell them!!

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