Friday, May 22, 2009

TOTAL Eye Candy!

It has been a while since I posted, but the biggest reason for this is I went to Butchart Gardens on Mother's Day weekend and was totally blown away by it's beauty. I was like a kid in a candy store and I do not think the smile ever left my face. Problem is, I could not stop taking pictures, took about 400 I am sure. It was amazing. Apparently one of the best Spring displays ever, simply because of the way our weather has been - a cold Winter and late Spring meaning late blooming things arriving at the same time as the right time bloomers, hence a terrific show, and it IS a show! Enormous credit to the designers of the flower beds amongst the general overall look at these magnificent gardens. The colour schemes were incredible. Some of the monotones were even more stunning. They would take the background into consideration, for instance. If there were cream Rhododendrons, then the flowers in front of this could all be cream too and this theme happened throughout the gardens. Of course because of the enormous amount of pictures, all I did was put a huge pressure on myself on the process of elimination. It was ALMOST impossible. I still am posting way more than I should, but could not reduce any further, heehee!!! Hope you enjoy them, but of course the real proof is BEING THERE!! Pauline PS - If you click to enlarge, you may be truly amazed. I am still on a high of the gardens and I thank my dear friend Binners for encouraging me to go visit with her, even though I, (we both) had a busy schedule that weekend. WONDERFUL!
You will see on the third of this set of pictures that at some point in the gardens (actually from the Japanese Gardens), there is a lookout between the trees of this beautiful view of Brentwood Bay and the new tour boat belonging to the gardens. I am not sure if it is in operation yet, but this will also be a future asset to visiting the gardens.
Thank you for looking. Pauline