Friday, February 6, 2009

MY ROSES - "Ju to L D B"

JUBILEE CELEBRATION: English Rose - bred by David Austin in UK, 2002. Unusual colour of pink/salmon blend. Delightful, very full heavy blooms, and very fragrant. Lovely old rose look to these blooms. Born in small clusters on short stems. Certainly a keeper, I have two. Very vigorous shrub, forming many blooms throughout the season. JUST JOEY: Hybrid Tea - Bred by Cants of Colchester UK in 1972. Unusually beautiful succulent, peach shade. Huge blooms, one of mine measured 7" accross, last season. Large loose attractive petals. Nice fragrance, moderate, to my nose. Average flushes as far as HT blooms go. But definitely a remarkable rose.
L D BRAITHWAITE: English Rose. Bred by David Austin in the UK in 1988. Rich red colouring. Starts off cup shaped, but when fully open resembles a peony. This is one of my favourite Austins. Points lost for lack of fragrance, but a beautiful looking rose.


Niels Plougmann said...

Gorgeous! The first 2 are really good roses. JC took 3 years to grow to a decent size, but it repeat blooms very well, only wish they would last as long in a wase as the last 2!
Thanks for visiting my blog - I am so happy that you decided to start blogging too. It sure looks like it is winter over there! Yesterday and today we are getting the first real snow this winter. So pretty! The last 5 years in a row we had mild and grey winters, and many think they can push the zone limits when choosing plants. Sooner or later they are going to get a cruel surprise if we get a real winter with temps to -20F.

I am not sure if you are going on a cruise to Europe this year? I sure look forward seeing you and Alan if you make it. But If you don't you might want to know about this event:

World Rose Convention and Festival. Vancouver BC, Canada june 18-24

Maybe you know Mr. Brad Jalbert?

I hope you are doing well Pauline. I am finally beginning to feel better again.

texasdaisey said...

I just found your blog & what beauty. Wow your roses are beautiful & so is your house even when blanketed with snow. Hope you don't mind me stopping by to say hi & hope it is ok to stop by some more, I am a sucker for beauty & especially beautiful roses.

Roses at Wedgwood House and Gardens said...

Thank you Niels. I am not sure if we received any damage yet to the roses after the winter we had. First time in years that I did not mulch the roses, so will keep my fingers' crossed.
Yes we are still committed to the Baltic Cruise which is very exciting, so hope we will see you, on 23rd (I think) July. I will have to check.
Yes I do know about the World Federation conference being held in Vancouver, and I am hoping to make some part of it - even wondering if I can enter an arrangement for the fun of it. But it could be dodgy getting it over there from the island. I do believe I have met Brad Jalbert, who was a speaker at a B&B conference held in Vancouver, a few years ago. I would like to meet him at Select Roses. Maybe my daughter will take me out to Langley on one of my visits to the mainland where she lives.
Take care, Luv P

Thank you. It is my pleasure. I am looking forward to looking at your blogs.

Anonymous said...

Oh Pauline! I'm so glad you posted about Jubilee - I just picked one up this morning (ordered last fall). I'm so looking forward to seeing blooms like the ones in your photos!

Anonymous said...

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