Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MY ROSES - "Va to Yv"

I would like to show you my roses and keep a log of them which will make it simple to access. First I need to start listing them with a brief description and observation on my part.I am sure it will take some time to list them all, but just for fun, I would like to start at the end of the alphabet to give poor Abraham Darby a rest.
YVES PIAGET – A Romantica Rose bred in France by Meilland in 1983. It has a delightful, unusual flower form for a rose, resembling that of a peony. Delicious medium pink and is intensely fragrant. Frilly edges to the petals, almost like a giant carnation would have.It does not bloom profusely enough for my liking, but it is still quite young in my garden and has another year or so to prove her real worth.
WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL – A David Austin rose – bred 1988 in England. - It is a sport of Mary Rose, which is why she keeps trying to turn pink. On one of my three bushes, she has pink Mary Rose and white Winchester Cathedral blooms on the same bush. Another bush throws out blooms as below, and my third bush is all white, but I love them all. Fragrance is quite pleasant, almost moderate, in my opinion. A lovely floriferous white rose.
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 2000 – David Austin rose – bred 2000 in England- magenta red. This is a striking colour against others in my garden. It is very good bloomer with a wonderful strong fragrance.
VALENTINE HEART – Florabunda bred by Dickson 1989 in United Kingdom. Masses of blooms born in clusters on an exceptionally vigorous shrub. This rose is never without blooms in the season. I do not detect any fragrance, but I keep it because of its showy abundance of blooms. It is not fully double, but still a spectacular plant. It is reported to have a strong fragrance!!!


lou said...

Wow!! very beautiful photos of the roses, garden and owls. I like the bi-coloured rose - very cool. Do you have any deer photos?? lou xo

Jean Anderson said...

Lovely photos and roses and TY for showing and telling